Spring Broke: Records to forget how much you spent living large in South Padre

Music to help ignore your responsibilities

· Apr 3, 2018 Tweet

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Welcome back to the spring — or second winter rather — in Madison. You thought it was a brilliant idea to spend time with your friends, strangers, bartenders and maybe even Afroman all week getting liquored up and forgetting to apply sunscreen. Your professors and TA’s hope you enjoyed yourself as there is no easing back in to the swing of things on campus. Maybe you’ll be able to transfer the last few dollars on your debit card to your WisCard, Rheta’s might be your best cure for a week-long hang over.

The beginning of these songs will make you knock your knuckles like you’re trying to get the bartender’s attention at that tiki hut you spent half your paycheck at. Near the end, these tracks will take you to fonder memories of your toes in the sand.

A playlist in practicality won’t help you ease in to the choppy current that are University of Wisconsin classes, but maybe it’ll help you walk a bit faster to burn off all those Coors and Hamms calories on your trek to Van Vleck.


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