Paying the price: How UW’s drinking culture impacts community as a whole

University officials, police work together in attempt to curb possible dangerous effects of excessive alcohol consumption

City of Madison

Following battle over liquor license, Taco Bell Cantina serves their first drink

Employees and customers alike express excitement

City of Madison

City Council votes for settlement allowing Taco Bell to sell alcohol

Agreement brings end to yearlong legal dispute


Fighting Spirits: Ahead of municipal elections, questions loom about future of liquor licensing in downtown Madison

Spike in violent crimes downtown linked to alcohol consumption have city officials, police rethinking current policies regarding liquor licensing


It’s time Wisconsin stopped effectively encouraging drunk driving

Pervasive drinking culture combined with leniency on DUIs creates severe public safety issue

UW-Madison Campus

UW study finds racial disparities in drinking culture, campus climate

'Color of Drinking' shows differences in opinion regarding drinking on campus

City of Madison

City Council rejects move to ban new alcohol licenses on campus

Research data pursued by city will be available within next few months


Don’t ignore the data — a drinking age of 21 is better for society

As fun as a lower drinking age would be, its likely harmful effects cannot be ignored

State of Wisconsin

Research on alcohol access finds no substantial support for arguments to lower legal drinking age

Research concludes reaching legal age increases binge drinking, risky behaviors


Madison finally gets coveted Dave & Buster’s location on west side

General manager Jim Schiavo breaks down what makes establishment so special