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UW faculty discuss medical amnesty policy, student protections

Medical Amnesty Through Responsible Actions program protects students from certain UWPD violations


Hooked Up: College students navigate social pressure to participate in casual sex

Sexual education about consent, safety is essential for student wellbeing


Raising the bar: Local bars strive to create more inclusive, safe environment for patrons

Business owners attempt to rewrite narrative surrounding bar culture


Five alternatives for underclassmen whose fakes no longer scan

Can't get into bars? Here's a list of things you can do instead

State of Wisconsin

New bill for ‘cocktails to go’ passes in Wisconsin Senate

Over 30 states have implemented similar legislation since start of pandemic


Review of Super Bowl LV commercial slate

Rocket mortgage, GM strike gold while Robinhood’s year keeps getting worse


Celebrity alcohols are cool decorations, not the best booze

Is it just an excuse to “taste test” or is there passion behind the recent surge in celebrity-endorsed tequilas and liquors?

UW-Madison Campus

Introducing Badger Recovery: Support, community for students recovering from substance abuse

Badger Recovery purposefully leaves definition of 'recovery' open to welcome all


Why the legal drinking age should be lowered to 18

Lower drinking age would allow for increased education, greater safety among young people, college students


How to make good decisions while intoxicated

Having fun isn't hard, but making good decisions is

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