Due to an unlikely bond between rapper Rich the Kid and his fellow drug dealing alien friend, there is no wonder that the humorous music video for “Plug Walk” has already reached more than 9 million views on YouTube in just a couple weeks.

Rich the Kid shot the video within and around an RV that is actually a meth lab in the middle of a desert, an ode to the plot of Netflix hit series “Breaking Bad.” It begins with a shameless product placement plug to Beats by Dre, so viewers already know things are about to get real from the get-go.

While Rich the Kid is working away in his lab coat with beakers chemicals, a UFO hovers outside dropping off his extraterrestrial friend. As it turns out, the Vine famous personality LilMayo played the alien role. An intergalactic internet icon.

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The dynamic duo pair up to produce and sell meth, smoke weed and meet up with some basic hot desert girls who just so happen to be wearing solely Calvin Klein bra and panties. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume they are probably Instagram models.

Rich the Kid also accentuates a Raw brand blunt wrapping paper product placement throughout the video. Honestly, LilMayo turns into quite the pimp throughout this video as he and the rapper relish in their wealth, show off their jewelry, dance around, smoke weed and interact with the Instagram models.

Despite hiding out in the middle of a dessert, the two then receive a visit from two men that are trying to get in on their business. But when things start to get heated, Rich the Kid and LilMayo take care of the threat … I’ll allow you to find out for yourself how they execute that.

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Regarding cinematography, Rich the Kid shot this video where the location makes for some beautiful scenic takes. The use of drones or bird’s-eye view camera angles shows how desolate the desert is which makes the idea of two half-naked women dancing on a fake alien much more comical.

The utilization of the positioning of the sun creates a “golden hour” effect of lighting through different scenes as Rich the Kid dances on top of the RV and throughout the remote canyon.

If it weren’t for a guest feature by LilMayo and the thematic framing of Breaking Bad’s plot, this music video follows along with the rubric of fun yet, typical rappers-flexing-on-haters. This added twist had me laughing the entire time, oh, and the song is pretty catchy.

Rating: 5/5