Maroon 5 expresses a taste for the dramatics through emotional artistic exaggerations in their “Wait” music video, released on Youtube Thursday. The theme circulates around heartbreak and as much as this video’s visual effects and skilled cinematography are well executed, it lacks that spark of excitement that all viewers deserve to have.

In fact, this video was more trippy, ironic and confusing than anything else. It starts off with Levine attending a funeral, shirtless, as he walks over to the casket of a woman in lingerie and places a scorpion on her stomach. Not quite sure where that idea came from.

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The lyrics can be misleading at first as they may also allude to a wedding rather than a funeral. He sings, “Dirty looks from your mother / Never seen you in a dress that color, no / It’s a special occasion / Not invited, but I’m glad I made it.”  

Hey, I love Adam Levine as much the next girl, but at this point in his career, I would be kidding myself if I did not admit all of his music is starting to mesh together in my head. He has a beautiful voice and his own unique style, but there is no clear distinction between “Wait” and a few of his other more recent pop hits.

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It could leave any listener that hasn’t caught up with his music recently to confidently contribute an “I definitely heard this one before,” to a conversation with die-hard stans. This video just runs through some, quite untraditional, motions of yet another unhealthy and abusive relationship in which his love interest hurts him, yet this makes him want her more.

The female love interest calls up her friends to beat him and crack him over the head with a glass bottle until he passes out. This trend is also concurrent with his “Misery” video in which he is basically hit and slapped around by some supermodel the entire time. She literally pushes him off of the roof of a building. We get it, love hurts. But you really do not have to physically suffer for the sake of camera shots.

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Despite all of the times in which love interests attack Levine,  there are also some parts in this video that seem to be so artsy that they are out of place. For example, when he touches her face and as he moves his hand around her face it then turns into paint that moves sort of like when you are molding clay. I really do not see how that part of the video plays into the rest of the plot, but I must say that I had to watch it more than once because the visual effects were intriguing.

It is evident this video was orchestrated by directors and filmmakers that had more than just an iMovie level of editing training. So in terms of the actual visuals displayed, some scenes were fun to look at. The ending displayed feelings of loneliness and sadness once one member of a relationship leaves after already having so many strings attached.

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In all seriousness, I have always been a major Maroon 5 fan and I always will be as their music emits chill vibes while dramatizing valid emotions. But this video was a bit too much for me to handle and at this point in time, I feel as if they are so consistent in terms of musicality that their new songs no longer feel new and exhilarating.

Before procrastinating for your exam by watching this video, wait, and ask yourself if it’s really worth your time. Then again, the premises of this video might be less perplexing than the note you’re trying to teach yourself from the lecture you fell asleep in.

Rating: 2/5 (sorry Adam plz love me)