If you didn’t already know, it’s midterm season, and it couldn’t be more devastating. Bad thing (or good thing?) is there is something that can easily distract you from studying: YouTube.

Listen to one song on YouTube and next thing you know, you’re watching interviews with random musicians from 2009. Maybe somewhere in there you went down the rabbit hole of epic live shows from hugely popular artists. That’s what happened to me. So, here are some of my favorites that you’ve maybe never seen before.

“Porch” — Pearl Jam [Pinkpop, 1992] (Peep the video at 1:49 — Eddie Vedder is a legend)

“Killing in the Name” — Rage Against the Machine [Pinkpop, 1993]

Gr8 Unknowns: Columnist serves up visual, audible feastHello, my fellow human beings/music lovers/people who suffer through this column. I’ve decided to do another playlist-type format this week. Read…

“Breed” — Nirvana [1992]

“Purple Haze” — Jimi Hendrix [Atlanta Pop Festival, 1970]

“White Rabbit” — Jefferson Airplane [Woodstock, 1969] (*fade in bathtub scene from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”*)

Gr8 Unknowns: Live sets to be rememberedHello fellow earthlings, welcome to another segment of Gr8 Unknowns. This week I’ve decided to switch things up from my Read…

“Ball and Chain” — Janis Joplin [Monterey Pop Festival, 1967] (THE CHILLS)

“Soul Sacrifice” — Santana [Woodstock, 1969]

“Woodstock” — Joni Mitchell [Big Sur Folk Festival]