The end of the semester is upon us and with that the end of the year. It has been amazing for music, and I can only hope that 2018 can live up to it. Spotify has hopped on the annual craze of remembering all the things that made up the last 365 days, and they did a damn good job. That shit is cool! And so, so cute. While I’d love to share some songs from my Top 100, I’m going to share ones that I discovered on “The Ones That Got Away.” Let’s see if Spotify made some good choices.

“Sweet Dreams” — BØRNS

“California” — The Lagoons

“Compromised” — Tim Atlas

“SGL” — Now, Now

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“Losing All Sense” — Grizzly Bear

“Look At What The Light Did Now” — Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White

“Paranoia” — Liza Anne

“Levitate” — The Palms

“Magic” — Mr Jukes

“Breakin’ up” — The Palms