Frankie Cosmos and her band brought warm energy and sweet tunes to the intimate stage of the High Noon Saloon on Oct. 1.

The crowd itself — denim jacket-clad and teeming with anticipation — slowly trickled into the venue during both of the opening acts.

The show started with opening band Nice Try, a bubblegum-sweet rock trio from Indiana. With catchy beats and a low-key, sweet demeanor, the band warmed up the crowd for the indie show to come.

Next came solo artist IAN SWEET, whose piercing vocals and use of pedals and looping gave her a definite “wow factor” that felt inventive, right at home on the High Noon’s stage.

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Through funny anecdotes about the spooky haunted hotel she booked, to stories about her favorite hats, the eccentric artist made an obvious connection to the crowd of alternative fans.

However, the growing crowd of adoring fans gushed as soon as Frankie Cosmos took the stage. Over roars of “I love you Frankie,” the band began their set with their hit single from the 2016 album Next Thing, “On the Lips.”

The band continued with other fan favorites, such as “If I Had a Dog” and “Fool,” that had the entire crowd singing and bopping their heads along.

Frankie Cosmos swayed and belted on stage, with her electric guitar in hand and crew of mellow bandmates beside her. Her impressionistic lyrics, paired with her carefree magnetism, captivated the audience throughout her entire set.

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Despite Frankie Cosmos admitting she was sick, the band played through without a care or a break. The band’s keyboardist and backup vocalist, Veronica, helped the lead carry through with lovely supportive vocals.

Accounting for their lead feeling under the weather, the band even brought IAN SWEET back on stage to help sing, along with Frankie Cosmos’ bassist who joined in vocals as well. The level of care and support presented by the musicians showed a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that felt simply endearing.

Frankie Cosmos maintained a great deal of dialogue with the audience, in a way that felt both casual and full of love. She thanked the crowd multiple times for their support and made everyone feel a connection to her band and each other.

The indie rock band ended their set in a seemingly perfect way — with “My I Love You,” from their album Zentropy. In every corner of the venue, it was evident that fans and Frankie alike felt the love that Sunday night.