Hello, Madison. Spring break is over, we are all slowly dying and Trey Songz unfortunately made another album. Don’t worry though, because this Gr8 Unknowns is sure to lift your spirits.

Shakey Graves recently fell upon my ears over a can of PBR and some new friendship. Though I didn’t know what I heard when I heard it (hence the PBR), I later returned to the song with more clarity, and realized just what had been found.

This one-man band, starring Alejandro Rose-Garcia, dons an Americana sound, though according to his Spotify bio, he coins it as “hobo folk.” No matter what anyone calls it, its sound is gritty, folky and catchy. Plus, he does all of this with two pedals, a tambourine, a suitcase for a base drum and his guitar (plus an irresistible voice).

So, since I know you are all dying to know what this life-changing song is — it’s called “Late July,” featured in a live session with Audiotree. This song isn’t featured on any studio albums.

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Holy shit, this dude has a sexy voice. I don’t care who you are — the gritty power is something else. Also, all that coordination he needs to play guitar and rhythm is enough to make anybody combust. He switches back and forth between fast-paced beats and heavy slow-jams. Needless to say, he is incredibly impressive.

The physical aspects of Shakey Graves and his style are not the only things to pay attention to. This song tells a story and it makes you feel. He sings, “Yeah so, Oh Big Betty, yeah, oh my old squeeze / oh kiss you so good, you go weak in the knees / Yeah, come to see her old man pop / I wanna have you there, when my big heart stops.”

Currently taking applications for someone to kiss me till I’m weak in the knees. Can it be Shakey?

Okay, enough fangirling, Celeste.

“Roll the Bones” is another spectacular tune by Graves. It’s got that same urging tempo, soulful belting and storytelling. It is featured on his album, Roll the Bones.

One verse goes, “Yeah try to forget all them enemies and debts / they’ll just chase you round and give you sour dreams.” Such art.

(The studio version can be found on his bandcamp, but it is not on Spotify. Here is the Audiotree version:)

These songs are the ultimate testament to who Shakey Graves is. There really is nothing more to say. They speak for themselves. Goodnight and goodbye!

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