Well, global warming has served us a heaping plate of warm weather in February, and now we are all disoriented and begging for more. As unpredictable as the weather is, this play list is 100 percent certain to dish out some springtime tunes. So, if the weather ends up doing what it’s supposed to, this playlist can at least make it feel like spring.

Tracks to enjoy:

  1. “Way It Goes” – Hippo Campus
  2. “Big Old Brain” — Teen Commandments
  3. “Lady Lie’ — Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  4. “Aphasia” — Pinegrove
  5. “Simple Season” — Hippo Campus
  6. “Every Little Bit Hurts” – Barton Carroll
  7. “Sweep Me Off My Feet” — Pond
  8. “Gun Song” — The Lumineers
  9. “Springful” — Adult Jazz
  10. “Take Time” — Soul Low
  11. “Sun Hands” — Local Natives
  12. “Crying in the Sunshine” – Miniature Tigers
  13. “Dandelion” — Shoos Off
  14. “Helplessness Blues” — Fleet Foxes

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