Early 2000s pop sensation Jesse McCartney made the teenage hearts of more than 1,100 concert-goers swoon Sunday night during a concert at Shannon Hall on campus.

The sold-out show was filled with both men and women, though the men remained vastly outnumbered. 

Before McCartney took the stage, Fundamentally Sound, an all-male student a cappella group, worked the crowd. The group showcased their talent with renditions of popular songs, which certainly had the audience cheering.

“Opening the show was an incredible experience, and it meant so much to us as a group,” said Zach Zimmerman, Fundamentally Sound’s lead beatboxer. “We’ve never played to that large of a crowd on campus, so that was really exciting.”

The a cappella group was also lucky enough to meet the featured artist.

“He’s a really nice guy. He made an effort to ask us about ourselves and let us know he enjoyed our performance,” Zimmerman said.

When it was his time to shine, McCartney took to the stage, welcomed by the sound of screaming girls. He opened the show with “Leaving,” a popular song from his 2008 album, Departure. Throughout the show he alternated between throwback songs from his earlier career and new music from his latest work.

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Before singing a new song titled “Young Love,” McCartney spoke to the excited crowd detailing plans to release a new album within the year, which would be his first since 2014.

Halfway through his performance, McCartney picked one lucky lady to join him on stage. The woman, who was undoubtedly the envy of every girl in the room, got to hold the singer’s hand while being serenaded under a spotlight.

After performing on stage for close to an hour, McCartney closed his show without playing his most recognizable hit, “Beautiful Soul.” But he wasn’t going to leave the crowd disappointed. Predictably, and to the crowd’s delight, he returned to the stage for an encore to sing his career-defining song.