Bien Bien’s music is like a kaleidoscopic flannel shirt.

It’s a weird analogy, but hear me out. Their music, a gooey blend of myriad genres, offers the warmness of a flannel shirt with its soul and hip-hop tendencies, whereas it’s psychedelic quality gives it the dazzling, shifting colors of the kaleidoscope.

Sadly this clothing item doesn’t exist (yet), but even better is that after a year-and-change of hype, Bien Bien has released their debut She Grooves Me EP. 

Coming in at just four tracks, the members of Bien Bien make up for the project’s brevity with the musical density of each track. There’s a whole smorgasbord to consume on each track, from the honey-whiskey vocals to the savory, meaty drums all the way to sweet-citrusy guitars.

Each song is guaranteed to satisfy your musical appetite, only to have you running for seconds, then thirds and then fourths at the start of each successive track.

Bien Bien like to take it easy, let the music flow freeA man-crush on Mac Demarco, good vibes and the Spanish language created an instant musical chemistry between the three members Read…

“Timeless,” the only new track on the EP, is also a departure from what we’ve seen out of the trio to date. Largely keys-driven, sans vocals and sparsely arranged, in general, the track bleeds emotion just like their other tracks, but more solemn, even sadder ones.

Despite feeling like a four-course meal, the She Grooves Me EP is just a taste of what’s to come for the Madison band.

We can’t wait.