Time can’t fly fast enough until Freakfest for Timeflies duo Rob Resnik and Cal Shapiro. One of the headliners in the 2015 Freakfest X lineup, the boys are eager to return to Madison for one of the biggest Halloween festivals in the Midwest.

Their most recent album, Just For Fun, was released last month, and they will be bringing this “fun” to Freakfest.

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Timeflies hoped to get back to their roots on this latest album by incorporating more groove and funk, which was what they were doing when they first started out, Shapiro said.

At Tufts University, Shapiro and Resnick started the band in a dorm room. Like most kids in college, the boys admitted they — then and now — “procrastinate the shit out of everything.”

One of the songs they were working on in college, called “Timeflies,” wasn’t even finished until the end of the last semester. Hence, the name Timeflies was born.

Now time has flown forward to Just For Fun, which is unconventional compared to their other albums. The pair recorded it on the road with a traveling studio. 

“We do a lot of things for fun and wanted it to be feel good,” Shapiro said.

For the future, the duo has been thinking about collaborating with other artists or playing around with cross genres, Shapiro said. A dream collab for them would perhaps be with one of their favorites, Jay-Z.

Though that may not be happening on this tour, it has had a great start, and the fans have been reacting positively already, Shapiro said. While their most recent tour is two weeks shorter than usual and will eventually loop back to their hometown New York, the pair has made sure to stop by Madtown.

The boys appropriately first heard of Freakfest in a slightly less-than-innocent place: Playboy Magazine. They were instantly pumped to experience one of the best Halloween parties, Shapiro said.

To top that off, Madison is one of their favorite college towns in the country. Shapiro himself calls it “a great place with good people.”

“The energy in the Midwest gives us everything, so it’s a really fun place to play,” Shapiro said.

To make the most of their time here, Shapiro joked about possibly dressing up on stage, getting Ian’s pizza after the show or making a return appearance at Kollege Klub, where they have hung out and even bartended.

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But, one of the best parts of their Madison experience is still performing onstage. Shapiro explained one of the highlights of the show is when he stops singing and holds the mic out to the crowd, and they sing every word. After all the hard work they did with writing lyrics, and everything that goes along with it, it’s an incredible feeling, Shapiro said.  

After previous gigs at the Orpheum and Majestic, Timeflies are eager to bring their energy to the Freakfest stage.

“[We’re] just excited to party in Madtown, drink some Spotted Cow,” Shapiro said. “They are our people and we can’t wait to come home.”