Timeflies when you’re having fun – at least that’s what hundreds of short skirt wearin’ fans thought during the group’s appearance on campus this week. This Timeflies Tuesday night, girls dressed their best to hear Cal and Rez rev up the crowd with their eclectic beats. There was no shortage of guys either, chanting along to the catchy lyrics of “Detonate” and “Lose My Mind.” 

The look of the crowd was one similar to what you might see on a Friday night: the aforementioned short skirts, glittery tops, boots, and of course, bro hats. The amount of intoxication was also what you might expect to see on a Friday night. The overpriced drinks of the Majestic weren’t enough to keep the crowd away from the bar, and many Majestic workers admitted that, even for them, these drinks were ridiculously overpriced and that it was always a good idea to pregame.

A Majestic worker taking photos claimed that she was “too old” for the music but that they seemed talented. The sound of Timeflies could be perceived as a younger sound, with Cal and Rez doing a decent job of producing different types of sounds, from acoustic to full-on dubstep. It was clear, though, that the aim Tuesday night was to rage, and rage hard. Cal even managed to snag a brew from an audience member and take a swig in between lyrics. He also grabbed an audience member’s phone and many in the crowd were writhing in jealousy at the thought that he was possibly putting his phone number in that lucky fan’s phone. She did get her phone back, by the way.

If anyone is worried that Timeflies might only sound good in the studio, any doubt was cleared up immediately. The vocal and musical performance was outstanding. It was clear that Cal, for one, sang his heart out and had a great time doing it, and Rez definitely deserves some hype credit too, even if he’s unwilling to admit it. 

In a conversation with The Badger Herald after the show, Rez endlessly praised Cal for his pure vocal talent. It’s clear to say that Cal has a great voice, but Rez puts out some sick beats himself. Not only is he a talented and practiced DJ, he can also whip out the guitar to play some acoustic serenades for the possible coffee house fan base.

Expect to be hearing this in State Street cafes soon: “Taylor,” one of the last songs performed by Timeflies is an acoustic medley of many of Taylor Swift’s beloved hits like “We are never ever getting back together” and “Love Story.” The crowd went wild for this one. Who doesn’t love to see two male hotties singing Taylor Swift love songs? And who doesn’t know every word to Taylor Swift’s songs? The guys from Timeflies certainly do. Fans weren’t afraid to show it as they sang along with Cal to every word. Cal and Rez may have actually made the T-Swift songs desirable to the non-fans.

After an encore, the duo decided to end with “Under the Sea;” yes, the one of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” fame. Perhaps not the strongest ending, yet the crowd still loved it. Timeflies managed to bring the 90’s babies back to a special place in their hearts by playing this Disney hit remix and even a remix of the Backstreet Boy’s chart-topper, “I Want It That Way.”

But, the best part of the night had to be when they decided to do the “Space Jam” freestyle which consisted of many Madison references that could warm the heart of any student here. With mentions of State Street, Halloween, Helen C. White Hall and partying with the freshmen in Sellery Hall, attendees were beyond excited. 

The swooning fans were allowed to meet the duo after the performance to take pictures and get various parts of their bodies signed. Timeflies at the Majestic on Tuesday was undoubtedly a memorable experience, at least for those who remember it.