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Herald Halloween Contest proves dicier than presidential election

In totally unfair, rigged election, Banter Editor takes Notable Mention, other editors win


Your first semester crossword: Good luck!

If your classes aren't puzzling enough, check out this crossword for your semesterly dose of confusion


Finding balance between fun and finals: Your guide to free events this weekend

Maintaining strong mentality is just as important as maintaining your GPA

Hump Day

Hump Day: Your questions on long distance, sexual exploration answered

Our columnist doles out advice on the questions you may have been too shy to ask


A beginner’s guide to accidentally running around Lake Monona

At least it was pretty


Cool Cats & Ass Hats is the most fun game you haven’t heard of yet

The dumbest yet smartest game I've ever played ... I loved it


HoroNOPE: Zodiac predictions for you ’90s babies

Your horoscope in relation to old kids shows


8 ways to thaw ice if you need to hide a body in the lake this winter

Some suggestions for when you find yourself in that frozen predicament of hiding a body in a frozen lake


10 ideas for the winter break

Winter break definitely won't suck if you follow any of these 10 suggestions

In Da Club

In Da Club: Molding my future with the Clay Collective

Clay Aiken was sadly not present

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