10 ideas for the winter break

Winter break definitely won't suck if you follow any of these 10 suggestions

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You did it! The semester is finally over after these grueling 16 weeks and it is time to get your break on. We at The Badger Herald know how challenging it may be to come up with plans for break, so here are ten suggestions you won’t want to pass up.

1. Rewrite “Around the World in 80 Days” to be “Around the World in Just Over 3 Weeks”

Everyone loves a good travel story, especially the Jules Verne classic. The most recent rendition with Jackie Chan came out in 2004, and while you will never be able to beat anything starring Jackie Chan, we are due for a new version. Take your (kind of) month long vacation and travel around the world, writing the whole way through!


2. Start and/or revive an internet challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is dying and the world needs a replacement NOW. Of course, always strive for originality but if you can’t come up with anything always feel free to revive classics like the ice bucket challenge or the cinnamon challenge.


3. Look at your parents

It’s been years since the last time you gazed upon your creators — you don’t even know what they look like anymore. It may be tough, but take the time and uncover your eyes for at least a couple seconds if you decide to go home for winter break.


4. Eat an extraordinary amount of Salmon

Salmon is illegal during the semester, so make up for that lost time and digest all the salmon you possibly can. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!


5. Cut the brakes in your car in honor of winter break

Don’t forget to exclaim “happy winter brake!” when you’re done.


6. Re-invent the wheel

We need a new wheel and you have about a month to do whatever you want. Try and do something useful this break like re-inventing the wheel.


7. Eat ice cream in a snow storm

Whether you do this ironically or not, enjoy a cold sweet treat under a white blanket of the ice-cream derivative. This is always a fun activity that your whole family can take part in.


8. Throw out your refrigerator in the name of winter

Winter is too cold and refrigerators are only making the situation worse. Throw out your refrigerator and help save the planet from experiencing a much colder winter than we want to.


9. Take a much-needed getaway to Hoboken, New Jersey

Many students take vacations to dumb places like Mexico or Florida. Stay ahead of the trend and take your vacation in New Jersey’s paradise.


10. Take pictures in front of a tree

What’s winter break without a picture in front of a tree? It doesn’t have to be a special tree, any tree will work.



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