Greek life is fairly prominent on this campus, but the usual frats are boring. These are some ideas for new frats with fun, cool themes.

Delta Omega Beta Alpha

It’s not a strict rule, but this frat loves burritos. They have two houses here in Madison, one on State Street and one on the corner of Park and Regent.

Alpha Alpha Ro Pi

This is a co-ed fraternity in which members must be over 50 years of age. Members receive a newsletter and are eligible for a number of different discounts. This is such a good idea that there could even be a lobby in Washington D.C for this frat.

Delta Alpha Delta Sigma

The members in this fraternity don’t necessarily have children, they will just be fantastic when they do. The most loveable frat on campus, these boys are a great catch for all you sorority babes looking to settle down.

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Delta Beta Alpha Gamma

This is just a typical fraternity, not really much else to it.

Pi Epsilon Nu Iota Sigma

This fraternity is just hilarious.

Delta Ro Upsilon Gamma Sigma

This would be the sickest frat on campus. This group of dudes only accepts the coolest motherfuckers so all you dweebs need to GTFO.

Sigma Epsilon Chi

This frat pulls HARD. These bros are really good looking and have the best hair on campus.