UW-Madison Campus

Sigma Chi inactive after alcohol related suspension

Sigma Chi surrendered its charter after being suspended in fall for serving alcohol while on probation


Editorial Board: Fall 2019’s biggest stories

Following are the most contested stories from this semester

UW-Madison Campus

UWPD lacks Langdon area relationship MPD had in past

Report reveals UWPD had 'poor, almost non-existent relationship' with Greek life


The unseen benefits of Greek life

Fraternities are known for their wild antics, what function do they serve in campus settings?


UW must take holistic approach to address negative aspects of Greek life

Steps to improve culture surrounding Greek life on campus must be comprehensive, wide-reaching


‘HAZE’ tells story of realistic, disturbing experiences within Greek life hazing

David Burkman wished to spread message against hazing on college campuses, raise awareness through recent award winning film


Persistent pattern of violence, discrimination should be enough to reevaluate existence of Greek life at UW

Sororities and fraternities puts its members in harms way and negatively affects those around the area, so where will colleges draw the line?


Greek life is misogynistic and that is that

Dangerous perpetuation of toxic masculinity, outdated views of 'good girls' must be discarded


Langdon Street defies every stereotype you have about Greek life

Greek community is fueled not by booze-soaked darties, but compassion and support for one another


Seven fraternities UW probably needs

Just some sick ideas for some new frats