Student Services Finance Committee heard an eligibility presentation from the Student Veterans Association, voted on F.H. King’s budget proposal, and denied eligibility to the Wisconsin Black Student Union Thursday. 

SVA said they support student veterans on campus and educate the student body about military and veteran issues. SVA member Levi Redlin spoke about the organization’s outreach on campus. 

“We are trying to make it known that we are not just reaching out to veterans … a lot of members of the general campus community take part in our events, learn from us, and hang out with us,” Redlin said.

SSFC hears budget from The Black Voice, debates SPiLL eligibilityThe Student Services Finance Committee denied F.H. King’s budget change, heard an eligibility presentation for The Black Voice and voted Read…

SSFC voted to deny F.H. King Students For Sustainable Agriculture’s budget change. F.H. King proposed to move $200 from their Food Land and Society Film Screening Program, which they are discontinuing, to their new Get the Dirt Dinner program.

SSFC voted against the proposal because they felt organizations should have their budgets fully planned out in advance. The committee voted against approving the change 0-7-1. 

SSFC Rep. Pranav Julakanti spoke about the budget change. 

SSFC Hears Presentation from WBSU, grants GSSF fund eligibility for The Black VoiceThe Student Services Finance Committee heard an eligibility presentation from the Wisconsin Black Student Union, voted on F.H. King’s budget Read…

“It sets a bad precedent because organizations could start seeing [the budget] as liquid,” Julakanti said. “ We also talked about how [the budget proposal] was late … and that ASM has no liability in that.”

Additionally, SSFC voted to deny WBSU eligibility to have access to GSSF funds for FY21. The committee found that the organization did not meet programming requirements. 

Vice chair Tessa Reilly spoke about the decision to deny WBSU eligibility. 

“Groups will be granted eligibility to [GSSF] based on their adherence to eligibility criteria… regardless of their size, history on campus, or popularity of the groups ideals,” Reilly said. “So, upon further reflection and careful consideration I am obligated to deny eligibility to [WBSU].”

The nest SSFC meeting will be Monday, Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Activities Center.