In response to a report released last week regarding Ku Klux Klan involvement at the University of Wisconsin, students have decided to file a hate and bias report regarding the university’s decision to keep the names of members involved in the KKK in the union.

UW senior Adan Raed Abu-Hakmeh posted to Facebook Tuesday morning telling her peers of her plan to file the report. As a senior, she felt as though this report was a way to show the university her last stance on the issue.

“This is a culmination of four years of working with [UW],” Abu-Hakmen said.

Abu-Hakmeh has been involved with working with multiple branches of administration during her time here at UW, such as Our Wisconsin and Union Council.

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After initially reading the report, Abu-Hakmeh said she was not surprised with the university’s decision to keep the names, but she was frustrated and disappointed.

“The [university] tried to divert our attention to talking about initiatives they should’ve already been doing,” Abu-Hakmeh.

By making this report, Abu-Hakmeh hopes to show administration, particularly Chancellor Rebecca Blank, how seeing these names in places where they spend time is harmful.

After learning the report will be filed, UW communications spokesperson Meredith McGlone said UW will review the report and respond with their usual procedures.