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Time-to-degree rate falls below four calendar years for first time since 1980s

Chancellor Blank says university wants to have as many undergraduates graduate on time as possible


Pay to play: UW student athletes deserve to be paid

Athletes bring in huge profits for university, but do not reap benefits


Mere awareness of colonial history with indigenous people insufficient toward progress

For a university situated entirely on sacred Ho-Chunk grounds, words do not substitute for actions


Going for green: Education, engagement must be priorities as UW works to improve sustainability efforts

As an institution whose primary focus is on education, lackluster performance in this category is a call to action

UW Athletics

UW Athletics: An examination into argument over student-athlete compensation

With California becoming the first state to allow student-athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness, could Wisconsin be next?

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SSFC unanimously votes against 2020 UHS budget

ASM chair Billy Welsh expressed concerns over lack of transparency during UHS' budget formulation process

UW-Madison Campus

As need for mental health services ‘skyrockets,’ university officials look to meet demand

ASM also approved budgets for SACGB, GSSF and Student Judiciary

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Selig emphasizes dedication, sacrifice to students in commencement address

Over 3,320 degrees were awarded to students at winter graduation ceremony

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Bucky’s Tuition Promise program fills monetary gap for low-income students in first year

Around one in five UW freshmen are impacted by new program

UW-Madison Campus

At vigil held for Pittsburgh shooting, student speakers call for unity, solidarity to fight anti-Semitism

Students gathered on Library Mall to mourn