Dane County Judge William Hanrahan sentenced former University of Wisconsin student Alec Shiva to 18 months in prison Friday.

Shiva pleaded guilty to three felonies including second degree sexual assault, false imprisonment and strangulation and suffocation in Dane County Circuit Court in late July. He also pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors including battery and fourth degree sexual assault.

Under a plea agreement, the charges for second degree sexual assault is up for possible dismissal if he doesn’t commit any other crimes and once he finishes his 18 months in prison as well as three years of extended supervision for the other two felonies, according to The Wisconsin State Journal.

Former UW student Alec Shiva pleads guilty to sexual assaultExpelled University of Wisconsin student Alec Shiva pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and choking another student in a dorm room Read…

Shiva’s attorney Robert Hurley and District Attorney James Quattromani jointly requested probation for Shiva, according to WSJ. Quattromani pressed for five years while Hurley requested four. Then, Quattromani requested nine months in jail as a condition to Shiva’s probation.

But, Hanrahan said sexual assault is “not a lesser crime” and he should be held accountable — doubling the request nine months.

Shiva’s lack of prior record, youth, accomplishments as a UW student and “ongoing mental health needs” all did, however,  contribute to a lesser prison time, Hanrahan said.

According to the criminal complaint last November, Shiva sexually assaulted and choked a woman in his dorm room while high on LSD.

Shiva apologized to the victim, who made an appearance in court but did not speak.