As the federal government investigates allegations of Russian ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign, Andrei Kozyrev, the first Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, predicted what the future of U.S.-Russian relations may look like.

Kozyrev discussed the history of U.S.-Russian relations before providing insights into the future at a Thursday event hosted by the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Russian, East Europe and Central Asia studies.

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Throughout history, Kozyrev said Russia has particularly threatened by the United States, calling them “Сатана,” or “satan” in English.

The 1992 Joint Declaration on U.S.- Russian Relations was an attempt to ease relations, but Russians still feel the need to protect themselves against enemies, including the U.S.

“Who will be the best enemy for a great country like Russia?” Kozyrev said. “Small, like Afghanistan, a neighbor? Even Ukraine. It’s still much weaker than Russia.”

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Kozyrev said he believes Russia will still see the U.S. as an enemy even if Trump supports Russia and Putin. Russia previously attacked former president Barack Obama, even more so than other presidents.

Trump and Russian President Vladmir Putin are similar, Kozyrev said. He said they believe their ideas are superior to other peoples, specifically citing when Trump said he would recognize the election only if he won.

Kozyrev said this is something Putin might say.

Through propagation, lies and intimidation, Putin easily turned Russians against Obama, he said. Putin can do the same in another scenario if he so wished.

“Trump is a challenge to America as we know it,” Kozyrev said. “A challenge to American democracy.”