Trial run: 2018 midterm poses first real test of reinforced Wisconsin election security system

Following 2016 hacking attempts, Wisconsin officials and cybersecurity community aim to secure election technology prior to November elections

State of Wisconsin

Sen. Baldwin requests Senate hearing over Russian trolls

Russian Twitter accounts also allegedly spread news, images of Tony Robinson shooting

UW-Madison Campus

Panel of professors dissect Russian election meddling

Russian influence in elections has been going on for years around the world, U.S. election just brought it to light, panelists said


Vamping nuclear weaponry production sends wrong message to allies, enemies

Trump's new, expensive nuclear production policy emphasizes our devotion to eventual nuclear weapon usage


Wisconsin Republican’s response to indictments paint bleak future for Republican party, country

The Failure of Republicans like Johnson and Ryan to see the enormity of Mueller’s indictments sets low expectations for inner party accountability in the future

State of Wisconsin

Homeland Security confirms Russians did not tamper with Wisconsin voting process

Wisconsin Elections Commission plans to create cyber-security team


I can’t tell if Sean Spicer is an idiot or not

It might be an accident, but the White House Press Secretary's distractions for the media seem to be working


Current politics leaves U.S.-Russia relations in turmoil, former Russian Foreign Minister says

Andrei Kozrev said President Donald Trump may pose problem to future relations, American democracy

UW-Madison Campus

From Russia with questions: Are we in a cyberwar with them now?

Some experts believe Russia's reported cyber campaign was to make American elections appear rigged, elect pro-Russia president


You can still love Trump while acknowledging he has no stable sense of national security

President completely lacks foresight when it comes to safety, choosing to tout his power at Americans' expense