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Clocking back in as the world’s policeman: Biden adopts foreign policy strategies of his predecessors

Biden's foreign policy agenda echoes Obama-era interventionism while greatly opposing Trump's isolationist attitudes

State Capitol, Madison, State Capitol, Carroll St,

UW students must continue to historic rally against brutal detainment of Uighurs

UW, Wisconsin must follow tradition of activism against Chinese government's horrific treatment of Uighurs


Politicians should follow Pocan’s lead in standing against Saudi Arabian actions in Yemen

New legislation proposed by Pocan shifts U.S. foreign policy focus from money to morality


Ideas on Trial: North Korea poses foreign policy dilemma for Trump administration

Diplomacy, sanctions both elicit mixed responses from public and policymakers


President Trump’s “sovereignty” doctrine isn’t strength, it’s asinine

Failure to condemn Turkish President Erdogan's actions in Turkey produced tangible effects in U.S.


Trump’s national security team brings safety back to America

Including military personnel in the Cabinet gives our country hope for foreign policy success


Syrian airstrikes signal return of America as global superpower

Intervention in conflict proves U.S. remains the superpower it has always been


Current politics leaves U.S.-Russia relations in turmoil, former Russian Foreign Minister says

Andrei Kozrev said President Donald Trump may pose problem to future relations, American democracy


From 4,200 Miles Away: Preparing for the inevitable fall of the American Empire

As history has proven time and again, no arrogant civilization, no matter how powerful, can survive


You can still love Trump while acknowledging he has no stable sense of national security

President completely lacks foresight when it comes to safety, choosing to tout his power at Americans' expense

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