Associated Students of Madison Student passed legislation Wednesday urging University of Wisconsin-Madison professors to cancel class the day before Thanksgiving to allow students ample travel time home.

Some of the other universities in the Big Ten conference let their students out for Thanksgiving as early as the Friday prior to the holiday, Courtney Morrison, assistant press office director of ASM said.

Morrison noted that some of these schools even have a fall break in addition to an extended Thanksgiving break. Several other UW System campuses, Morrison said, already give students the day before Thanksgiving off.

One example is the UW-Milwaukee.

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“[The goal is] to have that break extended so that there would be no classes on Wednesday so at least we’re in comparison with the other UW System schools,” Morrison said.

When professors wait until a day or two beforehand to cancel classes, Morrison said it disproportionately impacts out-of-state students, of which 32 percent of the student body is comprised.

Many of these out-of-state students need to book transportation, like flights, well in advance to avoid high fares.

“Essentially, if your professor is canceling your classes two days before, there’s really no way for you to change your flight,” Morrison said. 

For this year, the legislation calls on professors to cancel classes the Wednesday before class individually as soon as possible so that any changes that can still made, can be made.

For future academic calendars, Morrison said Student Council recommends the university incorporate an extra day into Thanksgiving break.