Two suspects were arrested early Tuesday morning after police received a tip from a self-proclaimed psychic about a suspicious situation in a parking lot on Hayes Road near East Towne Mall.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report:

The concerned citizen who gave the tip claimed there was an elaborate conspiracy occurring in the parking lot of the Red Roof Inn on Hayes Road, and he focused specifically on a white car at the scene. He said the people in the car had “strange auras” about them.

Though police believed the man did not seem completely in touch with reality, MPD quickly discovered the car in question was stolen.

Additionally, the two individuals using the car, Andrew Matje, 25, and Alexandra Scola, 25, both of DeForest, were both wanted on warrants and for a series of recent crimes.

Police chased down Matje outside the Red Roof Inn, and Scola was located in one of the rooms.

Scola is accused of stealing nearly $3,000 worth of jeans from West Towne Mall’s Boston Store. Matje is accused of trading stolen pants for cash and stealing a purse from East Towne Mall’s Olive Garden.

MPD has been unable to corroborate the “psychic’s” elaborate conspiracy theory, but were glad to receive the tip that aided in the arrest of the two suspects.