The University of Wisconsin Hospital was designated as a patient care facility if an Ebola case were to be diagnosed in Wisconsin.

Ebola has not been confirmed in the state, but as a method of preparedness, the Wisconsin Department of Health services named the University of Wisconsin Hospital and American Family Children’s Hospital as a health system that will be available to admit patients should a diagnosis occur, according to a state Department of Health Services statement.

The statement notes that the risk of an Ebola case in Wisconsin is still low. The only way Ebola is contracted is through direct contact with bodily fluids of an infected patient.

Dr. Jonathan Jaffery, chief population health officer at UW Health, said in a statement that even though the likelihood is low, staff at the hospital have undergone training over the past few weeks and policies are prepared.

He said he is confident they are fit to maintain a safe environment for all their patients in the event of a confirmed case.

“While we hope to never have to implement these policies, we continue to train and prepare on a daily basis,” he said.