A legal defense foundation based in Alexandria, Va. launched a website Monday charging the University of Wisconsin’s factoring race and ethnicity into admissions decisions is unfair and illegal.

The Project on Fair Representation said in a statement the purpose of the website is to “educate the public about the unfair and unconstitutional admission policies” used by UW. The Project also launched websites Monday targeting the University of North Carolina and Harvard University.

The organization also hopes individuals who have been recently denied admission to these universities will reach out to the organization. The group has provided pro bono legal aid in various Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action, including Abigail Fisher v. University of Texas-Austin in 2013.

According to the website centered on UW, UWnotFair.org, the Supreme Court’s decision on the Fisher case said a school must go through a process of strict review before considering race when admitting students.

UW spokesperson John Lucas told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the university will issue a response to the website Monday night.