State Assembly member Brett Davis did not announce whether he would run for county executive on Library Mall Thursday, but he did speak to politically minded students in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker.[/media-credit]


A local state representative often mentioned as a possible Republican candidate to replace Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk in April is still weighing his decision despite the high amount of speculation about his candidacy.

Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, said he will wait until after November’s general election to announce if he will run for Falk’s position. He added while the outcome of the election may affect his decision to run, he also wants to weigh how running for executive would affect his personal life.

“I’m kind of evaluating all options right now,” Davis said.

Davis told a group of campus conservatives he is confident Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker and senatorial candidate Ron Johnson will win in next month’s midterm elections, after which he said he plans to announce if he will run for county executive.

Davis also said he recognizes Dane County’s liberal reputation, but said it is still possible for conservatives to win throughout the Madison area, especially when focusing on fiscal issues.

After Falk announced earlier this month she would step down in April, Dane County Board Chairman Scott McDonell, who is often compared to Falk politically, announced his candidacy for executive. No other candidates have announced their intention to run.

Representatives from both College Republicans and College Democrats said while they are currently focusing on campaigning for the upcoming gubernatorial and senatorial elections, the county executive race will soon become an on-campus priority.

Johnny Koremenos, the regional vice-chair for Wisconsin College Republicans, said College Republicans will not make an endorsement during the primary.

Koremenos added he believes it is highly possible to have high conservative turnout throughout the county “cancel-out” the liberal vote in the race.

“We have to shift gears after November,” Koremenos said. “I think [the executive race] is definitely something we’ll focus on, especially if Brett decides to run.”

Democrats on campus also are waiting for the midterm elections to pass before beginning any efforts for the spring elections. College Democrats Chair Evan Giesmann said he is confident in the Democrats’ ability to succeed in the spring election despite the unpopularity of many incumbents.

“I’m pretty confident that we’ll have a Democrat retain [Falk’s] seat come April,” Giesmann said. “I’m not incredibly concerned about [Davis’] candidacy.”