An attempted armed robbery was foiled last weekend after the victims decided to fight back against their assailants.

At around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, a 19-year-old Madison woman, later identified as Breannia Harris, entered the apartment of an acquaintance on the 1600 block of Gilson Street to “hang out,” an incident report from the Madison Police Department said.

Harris had previous contact with the victim and her entering the apartment was not viewed as suspicious to the victim, MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said.

At some point, Harris went to the door and let a man, identified as Allen Crawford Jr., into the apartment. Crawford was armed with a butcher knife, and a struggle ensued after Crawford attempted to rob the victim.

“This one isn’t your standard home invasion in that the woman let this guy in,” DeSpain said. “Most of the home invasions we see are motivated by a suspect’s belief that the victim is in possession of drugs, cash or something of worth to the suspect.”

A third suspect, Curtis Love III of Madison, entered the apartment shortly after Crawford. By this time, the incident report said the victim had been able to arm himself with a hammer and two knives. Love sustained a stab wound to the torso in his attempt to rob the victim.

A neighbor of the victim came to the apartment to investigate the noise and was punched then robbed by Crawford. The second victim then pursued Crawford on foot, then eventually by car, before getting the attention of an MPD officer who was able to apprehend Crawford and Love, the latter driving the getaway vehicle.

Love was arrested on tentative charges of strong armed robbery, battery, party to an attempted armed robbery and a parole hold. Crawford was arrested on similar charges.

Harris later showed up at a hospital to check on the condition of Love’s injuries and was arrested on the charge of being party to an attempted armed robbery.