Burned out student feels replenished after 48-hour spring break

The break offered a luxurious amount of time for laundry, cleaning and one episode of Netflix 

· Apr 7, 2021 Tweet

Burned-out student Josh Wilson thanks the University of Wisconsin for their generous 48-hour spring break this year that allowed him to relax for about the same amount of time as a normal weekend. Wilson is a triple major in biochemistry, neuro-physics and multivariable analytic math who needed a substantial break from school. 

Wilson reportedly used the 48 hours to do his laundry, clean the bathroom and watch one episode of his favorite Netflix show before it was Sunday again. Wilson even said the break might have been too long, as he felt distanced from his course material when he returned. 

“It really was such a nice break. Those 48 hours allowed my brain to just roar back to life. I felt like I was on a beach in Cancún the whole time,” Wilson said, despite just staring at the wall in his one-bedroom Steve Brown Apartment for the two days. “But, the break could have been shorter. I had all this free time and my brain was screaming, ‘get back on Canvas, luv’ before it turned to mush.” 

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Wilson was also concerned about the break’s excessive duration because his professors assigned five quizzes for the following Monday. But, that’s okay, because his professors had good intentions. 

His biochemistry professor was kind enough to follow university guidelines and assign the quiz for Monday instead of over the break. Professor Bill Roberts said that his number one priority is giving his students a breather when they need one. 

“As a professor who has also spent years in school, I know that students get tired and need a pause from the repetitive semester cycle. That’s why I make all my assignments due right after breaks so that students have plenty of time to work on them over the break,” Roberts said. “Online school is really hard on these kids, and I understand their struggles. I always add a funny emoji to the end of my emails when adding labs to the syllabus — to lighten their moods.” 

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UW administrators have played a pivotal role in creating this widespread sense of replenishment for students on campus during the 48-hour break. They overcame a logistical nightmare to cancel two whole days of classes on an online campus. This required them to send a 200-word email to the ENTIRE school in an achievement that most 10-year-olds could accomplish. 

UW is now considering a weekly five-minute “fun time” where Canvas is converted to a massive game of chess for all students. Wilson is all for this idea. 

“Yay!” Wilson said. 


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