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More than just a teacher: UW Dance instructor encourages creativity, passion in studio

AJ Juarez fosters energetic community of dancers, non-dancers

UW-Madison Campus

UW awards Distinguished Teaching Awards to twelve faculty

Award ceremony to be held April 25

UW-Madison Campus

Julia Stern gives first talk at Humanities Without Boundaries Lecture Series

Julia Stern discusses old and new scholarly pursuits at UW-Madison lecture series


Burned out student feels replenished after 48-hour spring break

The break offered a luxurious amount of time for laundry, cleaning and one episode of Netflix 

UW-Madison Campus

UW professor receives Research Service Grant Award for project examining discrepancies in U.S. midwifery

“It really concerns me that that’s the case even within midwifery which does offer a really beautiful model but again is hampered by these exclusions still being perpetuated even with this potentially transformative model of care,” UW professor says


Online, not fine /:

Ever since the college experience has moved from the classroom to the computer, student morale has been at an all-time low


Five minutes of freedom (while you could be sitting in agony)

What to do when you're a-waiting for that Zoom call to start


Making Connections: The Importance of Relationships at an R1 University 

UW professors, students share how summer research led to interpersonal, intellectual growth

UW-Madison Campus

Ten UW faculty members receive Distinguished Teaching Award, honors unique teaching methods

Award honors passionate teaching, innovative methods to improve classroom, learning quality


Professor ponders rap career after record-breaking lecture

Cramming week's worth of material into ten minutes, this professor can flow like the greatest