Summer in Madison is typically time for catching concerts on the square, sharing pitchers on the terrace and making money at whatever job you find that can support you finishing out your 12 month lease agreement.

These events become routine and comfortable for most Madisonians, which is why the CrossFit Games throws everyone off-guard. In what can only be described as Big CrossFit Energy (BCE), Madison transforms into an otherworldly place when these athletes show up to play.

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With this being the Games’ third consecutive year in Madison, some happenings now are expected to occur on this epic occasion. Here are a couple of things to be on the lookout for this weekend.

People actually stop to eat at State Street Brats

Patrons crowd around State Street Brats on State Street

Polo Rocha/The Badger Herald

Typically a place to walk past easily and listen to whoever is playing the guitar outside of it, State Street Brats serves as an official partner of the CrossFit Games. This can make travel down State Street difficult at times, especially if you’re trying to get a salad, or get a salad. Granted, the allure of eating a brat from the home of Brat Fest is certainly tempting. I recommend walking on the Potbelly side of the street until all CrossFitters leave the city.

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Average walking speeds slow to one mile per hour

Athletes travel from all over the world to partake and experience the Crossfit Games, and it is cool to meet people from all over the world who share a passion for fitness. One would think people with such muscular thighs would walk faster than the average human, but since it’s many CrossFit participants and spectators’ first times in Madison, routine sights like a cow statue and the Orpheum become major Instagram hotspots, significantly slowing commutes for anyone just trying to get to the bus stop.

“The Bachelorette” villains ride around on bikes 

"Bachelorette" Contestant Luke Parker rides a rented bike around Madison's Capitol Square

Courtesy of Reddit user 140point6

For anyone who just spent 11 weeks yelling at the TV begging Hannah to dump Luke P. on ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” the CrossFit Games won’t put them at ease. Known for making CrossFit his passion, I guess it’s only reasonable he came to cheer on a friend at the Games. Spotted riding a bike on Capitol Square, this Luke P. is easily the scariest and most surreal thing to happen in Madison since Bucky cloned himself — maybe I’m biased against bikes though.

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Urges to go to the gym arise

Let’s face it, Madisonians’ collective love of cheese, spring rolls and tater tots means the fit CrossFitters may make some feel the irresistible urge to go to the gym. Of course, most of the time this urge is squashed when one realizes The Nat is so far away, so expect to see many apartment-dwellers trying to perform push-ups and crunches for the first time since January through their windows this weekend.