In the latest display of public discourse, the internet has conjured up a brand new plot to speak out against Wisconsin’s Republican Sen. Ron Johnson … using potatoes. is an unyielding service that has declared war by potatoes on the senator after his decision to not attend a town hall meeting. By donating $5 to this beautiful cause, a potato with the words “hold a town hall” will be sent to Johnson’s office by federal mail.

The website was created by the co-creator of the popular game Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin.

Temkin told the Guardian that “thousands of orders” have already been placed and he would begin sending Johnson the potatoes  “in the next week or two.”

“We picked potatoes because they’re funny and very inconvenient for the senator,” Temkin told the Guardian. “If he ignores them, they’ll go bad.”

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The website has not specified the type or size of potato potato it will send, but as citizens we can hope only sends the most pristine of potato specimens.

Ben Voelkel, spokesperson for Johnson’s office, said the potatoes would be donated to food pantries in Milwaukee, according to the Guardian.

If discussion of the Affordable Care Act or simply getting involved in fun political goofs is something you value, then is awaiting your wallet with open arms. Even in all this heated debate on the parameters of First Amendment rights, sending potatoes to your senator’s office is definitely a bipartisan method of free speech.