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First Amendment discourses must supersede ideology

Comprehensive free speech education must include discussion of marginalized groups' resistance

State of Wisconsin

‘New Voices’ bill introduced to bolster free speech protections for student journalists

Newly introduced bill protects public school student journalists older than sixth grade


Sister Cindy must face social consequences for harmful speech

Despite leading hateful sermons on college campuses, Christian preacher garners broad support online


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: UW community must take meaningful action to support Black students

Following release of racist video, The Badger Herald Editorial Board extends support to Black community, calls on UW to undertake anti-racist efforts


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: The bounds of free speech

Amid series of controversial speakers at UW, we must consider how to resist harmful speech without restricting constitutional liberties


Among many criticisms, Utah social media law imposes sweeping First Amendment restrictions

Though intended to protect minors on social media, Utah law may unconstitutionally prevent some adults from accessing digital content

UW-Madison Campus

UW System free speech survey results show reluctance to express opinions by conservative students

Delayed GOP-backed UW System survey says 75% of students feel instructors create welcoming environment

UW-Madison Campus

Animal rights activist’s case against UW dismissed, freedom of speech not violated

'We are pleased with the decision and the work of our legal team to defend this matter,' UW spokesperson Greg Bump says

UW-Madison Campus

Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin shares opinions, approaches to key student issues

Mnookin meets with student journalists on 99th day as chancellor, discusses time in position


Wisconsin bill is not the right way to regulate rioting

New Wisconsin law defines rioting to prevent violence but definition will likely cause, exacerbate worse issues

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