How to survive in between your leases

Living in a yard, sleeping with Abe, all options during move out time

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Joey Reuteman/The Badger Herald

It happens every year. In your delusional mind, you keep telling yourself that somehow, someway you’ll be lucky enough to move out of your old place and into your new place on the same day. But the reality is it rarely ever happens and you are faced with the ultimate first world problem: having to find somewhere to stay in between your leases.

Here are some options:

Party that never ends

I hear College Court is having another party. Maybe you want to relive sophomore year with a banger in the slums just one more time. This time though, you could just keep the party going. Those extra couches and tables would make great outdoor seating for the gathering.

Nostalgic draw

Move back into your room in Sellery or Witte, you sneaky cat. The doors may be locked, but the hoards of freshman are also not there, so no time like the present, right? To avoid citations for trespassing you could play basketball on the Sellery courts until the break of dawn or set up camp on the sand volleyball courts at Witte.

New lease, new you

Run to Picnic Point, then run back, back again and back again. Maybe you aren’t as fast as Forrest Gump, but after enough runs the sky is the limit. You might be saving exercise for that New Year’s Eve resolution, but what about your new lease? It’s basically the same thing as a new year, except a new year doesn’t tell you that there are no kegs allowed. But hey, “new lease, new you”, right?


Don’t stop working … pay off those loans early. That crushing debt facing you post-graduation? Might as well work a quadruple shift, maybe quintuple — hell, maybe even a sextuplet shift. That extra money can go toward tuition, rent, textbooks, notebooks, food (head spins at all the things you need money for). Or you could spend it on yourself and splurge on State Street, maybe enjoy some Insomnia Cookies.

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Sleeping with a friend?

Abe. We all know the superstition of rubbing Abe’s foot for good luck and we’ve all seen the graduation photo on Abe’s lap. Sleeping with Abe? It may not be like sleeping in a Lincoln car (ask Matthew McConaughey for a reference) but it’s bound get you some luck for the upcoming year.

Hang out with Helen

Maybe luck isn’t your thing. College Library is always calling and it is never too early to get ahead on reading those fresh textbooks. It’s also never too early for a classic #HanginWithMyGirlHelenCWhite Snap Story.

Drunk masses

Ian’s pizza. Technically you can’t stay there all night, but you could converse with people as they drunkenly wait in line for the prized piece of mac and cheese pizza. Just make sure not to knock anyone’s pizza down.

Stop complaining

One last option is to ask anyone in Madison’s homeless population — you know, the people you act like don’t exist as you walk down State Street.

They are homeless all year (yes, winter too), not just in the 24 hours between one $500 a month apartment to the next.


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