MUST READ: Banter headlines that writers were simply too uncreative to write

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BREAKING: Alleged ‘Loch Ness Monster’ sighted in Lake Mendota

The Badger Herald investigation reveals creature possesses unprecedented and ungodly speed


The Banter Herald: What it’s like being only funny person on staff

Banter editor is funniest, sexiest person on staff, according to everybody


Lakeshore kids more likely to survive a pandemic, uncredible college junior says

No one wants to be unhappy in their residence hall – turns out, unhappiness could help keep freshmen safe during coronavirus. 


My day in self-isolation during COVID-19 pandemic

All it takes to get through 14 hours at home is social media, sports


19 things to do while waiting for your Spirit Airlines flight

Let's be real — we all know it's going to be delayed by four hours

Dirty Bird

Photo Essay: The Dirty Birb goes on spring break!

Everyone's been asking: What did the Dirty Bird staff do over spring break? Here's your answer, in photos.

Dirty Bird

Tales from the deep: The Vilas Floods of 2019

Yes, we know it's April. Why do you ask?

Dirty Bird

All the way from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, here’s yet another take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Despite having our own representatives who are relevant to campus, I'm going to instead talk about AOC. Again.


Naps on campus: Doze for days in these cozy spots

Mourning death of ‘Craps on campus’ content brings from ashes new generation of ideas for ideal napping spaces, cow friends

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