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What’s your sign? Horoscopes for Oct 31-Nov 7

What do the stars have in store for you this week?
Kirby Wright

Welcome to November, everyone! Keep the semester going strong by checking in with the stars and preparing for what’s ahead.

Don’t know your sign? Go ahead, text your mom quick to ask what time you were born — we won’t tell.

Without further ado, here is your astrological forecast:


Thursday there is a new moon in Scorpio, which brings into play some of the tensest astrology of 2021.

2021’s astrology has been characterized by a negative interaction between the planets Uranus and Saturn, which have seen many volatile events (Uranus) that contradict the long-embedded structures and traditions of our lives and world (Saturn).

Uranus is currently about halfway done with its journey through Taurus, the sign of personal and financial stability, dependable structures and also indulgence. Saturn is a “malefic,” or negative planet, which represents restrictions and boundaries, often manifested as institutions, law, dogma and tradition.

This alignment has correlated with events such as the Capitol insurrection, stock market and cryptocurrency price surges and Big Tech controversies and exposures.

So what does this have to do with this week’s astrology?

The sun just entered Scorpio, inspiring the collective — represented by the sun — to look closer into the dark or taboo, and to pay attention to the underlying meanings of things.

Uranus, Saturn and the Sun are all at the points of a right triangle — and this is not cute. The moon joins them Nov. 4 for the Scorpio new moon.

New moons often inspire us to turn inward, be introverted,  start projects and set goals that will be grown over the next two weeks, when we’ll see the full moon,  which is representative of progress in achieving the goals we set. The moon is uncomfortable in the dark sign of Scorpio, correlating with a habit of us seeing the negative aspects of our life too vividly.

We may be convinced the goals we want to set for the next few weeks couldn’t possibly be completed because we are not cool, capable or smart enough to accomplish them.

The new moon’s opposition to Uranus may correspond with us constantly thinking our next idea is better than our last one, so we start over. I’m seeing this as someone who is trying to sit down and study, but each time they try to, they think they can be doing it better somewhere else, so they keep getting up, moving and starting over.

For the next couple of weeks, it may feel progress is grinding to a halt in this way — stopping and starting randomly. This configuration for the new moon is both tense and volatile — you may feel you’re not entirely convinced a behavior is smart, so it is erratic, only being performed spontaneously.

With Saturn involved, I would expect this volatility to be challenged by school life, club life or any institution whose rules govern your life. By this, I mean the sun/Uranus energy telling you to break the rules or act erratically is forbidden or restricted by an outside force.

Don’t spontaneously act on a desire to run a red light or skip class because, for the next couple of weeks, the planets indicate there may be negative strings attached to spontaneous ideas. Make sure you aren’t breaking rules, laws or social codes out of neglect.

It is fitting that the new moon comes just after midterms, ushering in a new beginning academically. But this specific new moon (or “lunation”) is telling us we may be too erratic and spontaneous to sit down and follow rules or structure.

I would recommend that, to use the energy of this chaotic new moon to your advantage, remember your volatile, erratic ideas, just don’t act on them quite yet.

Saturn urges us to use caution and restrict our action, but Scorpio wants to dig deeper and Uranus wants us to dig in random, chaotic bursts. Use these bursts of curiosity or innovation to try and focus your attention on what your end goal is.

This new moon is, in one word, directionless. Essentially, make sure you know where you’re going before you start walking because for the next two weeks there may be consequences or chaotic twists, turns and starting over.

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Aries Rising — You may find yourself in situations where you are using up others’ resources or where you are using others as a resource. You may feel spontaneous urges to spend and invest things (time, money, etc.) you do not have, causing you to push your limits by asking other people.

Analyze what debts you have and what you owe (not just in terms of money). Your friend group may be playing a role in trying to restrict you or your volatile debts. On the flip side, your friend group may be restricting or straining your resources, funds, time, etc.

Taurus Rising — Spontaneous action of yours could be breaching a contract, literally or figuratively. Be very careful you are not violating the rules/agreements of a partnership by doing something shocking or random, or something that “doesn’t feel like you.”

Watch out for spontaneous behavior that breaks an agreement or behavior that is prompted by a new relationship, as it may have consequences to your public image. Or this may manifest as concerns over your public image restricting you from acting recklessly or acting on impulses.

Taurus is one of the signs most affected by this lunation, as it activates three of the most important astrological houses — the houses of the personal self, the “other,” or partner and the public. It is also a signifier of potential new business or romantic prospects.

Gemini Rising — This is the rising sign whose routine may feel most like it is grinding to a halt and isn’t being moved forward by random bursts of energy.

I get the vibe that you may be feeling very absentminded. You may feel at random times you have absolutely no control over your subconscious thoughts and can’t seem to focus. It’s like you’re genuinely trying to do work, but your mind isn’t letting you and it’s restricting you from growing from the work you are trying to do.

Conversely, at random periods you may get the urge to do intense research or work on passion projects that contradicts what you should be doing or learning, or what the institutions in your life demand. You may be studying the wrong subject.

Cancer Rising — You may be experiencing volatility or drama in your friend group. You may find trying to have fun together is often spontaneous and random and that you can’t control whether a situation will be fun or chaotic.

You may be experiencing obstacles in your friend group because you cannot agree to all pitch in the same amount of time and/or effort. You cannot agree on what to do, and you may feel that you or one person is contributing the most effort.

There may also be a potential new romantic beginning.

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Leo Rising — You may be inspired to reflect on your past decisions and private life and how it shapes your public image. You may feel your professional/public image is completely out of your control and you literally want to lock yourself in your home.

A romantic, business or very close partner may be restricting you from doing so or could be causing sudden shifts in your public image. It appears you are trying to hide from others’ opinions of you or what you should do.

Virgo Rising — Virgo risings may experience the chaotic energy of this new moon more productively than others. I’m painting a picture of someone who is frantically trying to write down all the ideas that are spontaneously occurring to them, but at the same time is walking backward to work in a busy street.

You may spontaneously want to communicate a really good idea but have too many obligations to dedicate time to it. This may also be manifested as random changes and shifts in beliefs, wanting to create but not knowing what you want to create.

Libra Rising — There are two things that are generally uncontrollable — the actions of other people and the resources of other people. These two things are likely to be unstable and changing right now, perhaps making it so you are an observer, watching an uncontrollable situation unfold that you would love to give your opinion on if only the situation concerned you.

You may find you are unable to insert yourself into a situation that is out of your control, though you care and have strong opinions about it. You may be somehow restrained from having fun or indulging while doing this — there is also a possibility you’ve been erratically spending money or haven’t been investing enough time into important things because of absentmindedness or busyness.

Scorpio Rising — You may be beginning a new routine or practice with your physical self or self-expression, such as a new style or skincare/exercise regime. You may do this erratically — coming up with new routines or ideas and abandoning them.

Your home, family or someone/thing from your past may be restricting you from upholding these routines or projects. Inconsistent behavior could be motivated by a romantic, business or close personal relationship, which is also being pressured by a situation surrounding home, family or something from the past.

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Sagittarius Rising — You may feel more “in your head” than usual — trying to solve problems in your head as they’re happening. Unpredictable attitudes towards your responsibilities may cause you to overthink or ruminate on them.

It is possible you are ignoring day-to-day responsibilities or assignments because you are being productive in other areas of your life.

Capricorn Rising — You may be busier than usual, trying to juggle who you’re with and what you want to do. You may feel you have no control over your friend group or social circle, or perhaps over your own schedule.

“Budgeting” in any sense — budgeting time, money, attention, etc. — could allow you to gain control over your surroundings.

Aquarius Rising — You may be in the public eye in some way over the next couple of weeks, perhaps trying to remain outside to avoid the home, private life or someone/thing from the past.

You may feel a sense of responsibility for, or, on the other hand, restraint from taking responsibility for a situation surrounding the separation between home, family and private life, versus public, social and professional life.

Pisces Rising — You may have intentions to learn and work towards a higher goal, but cannot seem to get yourself to focus. It is possible that subconscious or habitual ways of thinking or behaving are holding you back from dedicating yourself to your goals or interests.

School, education or media may be a point of interest over the next few weeks — you may be confronted with questions of how these things now will affect your future.

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