10 Amazon wish list items for your living space

A comprehensive list of essential and decorative items for your space

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As you enter the spring semester, it’s important now more than ever to feel both comfortable and empowered in the space you call home.

Whether you are searching for dorm decorations with your roommate, renovating your new apartment or simply looking to spice up your room at home, here are some practical and decorative items for your space this spring.

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The Swiffer Wet Jet is an easy-to-use floor mop that releases cleaning product onto the hard floor as you mop. The device comes with disposable pads for easy clean-up after use. This modern mop is perfect to quickly tidy up your hard floors and remove any stickiness.

Command Hooks

The secrets behind any great decorative elements are command hooks. Whether you are hanging a plant or a set of string lights, or a flag from your favorite hometown sports team, it’s a good idea to use command hooks in order to prevent damage to the walls. Oh, and don’t forget to place a command hook by your front door to hang your masks.

String Lights

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to string lights, but these are my personal favorite. Oftentimes native lighting can be harsh and uninviting, but hanging some cozy string lights can really make your living space feel inviting.

Shower Caddy

This item solely applies to those moving into dorms, so if you have moved beyond your glory days in Sellery you can keep scrolling. For freshmen, this item is essential for carrying your toiletries to the bathroom to shower.

Cozy Rug

A soft, plush cozy rug can really take your space to the next level. Find a color or pattern that matches your space and you’re set!


Adding some green to your home will brighten up your space. These small succulents are great for room decoration, but you should feel free to pick out something bigger if you’re decorating a larger space.

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A fan is an absolute must-have item. While it may seem chilly right now, as the temperature warms you’ll want something to keep you cool. Some cool air circulation will alleviate the future sweaty nights spent sleeping on top of your covers.

Wall Art

With a lot of white walls comes the opportunity for some creativity. Whether you love posters, artwork or hanging a flag, filling your wall space is a great way to make your place your own. My roommate and I just bought this hanging canvas poster and we are obsessed.

Mini Vacuum

Storing a vacuum in a dorm or small apartment typically isn’t too easy, so purchasing a mini vacuum is your best bet. This mini vacuum has been with me every year and hasn’t given up on me yet!

Power Strip

Outlets can be tricky and oftentimes there just simply aren’t enough. Buying a power strip — or a few — will help alleviate the stress of deciding what takes priority in the outlet. With a power strip, you simply won’t have to choose.

The key to any great living space is making it your own. So, get creative and have fun with your new place. You will be spending more time at home than you had initially planned, so take the time to make it your home.


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