Amazon needs new approach to community input for Cottage Grove warehouse project

Development could provide boost to local economy but create hostile relationship with local residents if communication does not improve

City of Madison

Proposed Amazon warehouse in Dane County may help economy, but nearby residents have concerns

New warehouse expected to bring 1,000 to 1,500 full-time jobs to community, Cottage Grove Village Administrator says


UW emergency pandemic aid creates equity, could use more vetting

$7.7 million sent to 6,500 high-need students, additional $19.1 million open to all students to claim through online forms


Students should shop local as Amazon poses serious threats to workers, local businesses

Recent Twitter exchange including WI Rep. reveals Amazon's inability to prioritize worker health


10 Amazon wish list items for your living space

A comprehensive list of essential and decorative items for your space


Hey Siri, where are you from? The history behind voice assistants

Voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana, have come a long way over the past decade


When we’re the problem: On news consumption, misinformation and accountability

We live in an era where news comes at us like rapid fire. Don't let that stop you from playing an active role in your media consumption.


EatStreet’s expansion, donation tour prompts conversation about social responsibility

Though companies should strive to be socially responsible, consumers have similar obligations as well


Raising minimum wage is Amazon’s way to stop employee unionization

Raising hourly minimum wage seems progressive, intentions behind it offer disappointing truth


Madison doesn’t deserve Amazon headquarters

Lack of creativity, innovation proves Madison isn't ready to host large corporate headquarters

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