Virtual outlets for those missing live concerts

With live concerts gone, check out these outlets to soothe your cravings for music

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Chase Byington/The Badger Herald

After standing in a line that wraps around the building, the security guard finally opens the doors to let the audience inside the sold-out show. Anticipation buzzes in the air as you walk into the dimly lit concert hall.

People pack in as close to the stage and band as they can. Singing, screaming and flashing cameras meld into a singular background noise. The walls, floors and people around you reverberate with the music coming through the speakers. 

This is a live music experience.

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If you have been craving to get back into a renowned concert hall, arena or stadium concert, outdoor music festivals or simply a crowded bar with a jam band — you’re not alone. Millions of people across the world are wondering the same thing.

Where can I find the live music experience?

Thankfully, we have motivated musicians creatively overcoming the challenges of restrictions placed on live events during the COVID-19 crisis.

These artists are looking to keep their audiences safe and healthy by allowing physical distancing while maintaining a sense of social community. I encourage you to join in their innovative ways and experience live music in any way you can. 

Living room concerts, jams in a van and other innovative venues are gaining popularity. Through videos, podcasts, and live streams, musicians are reworking their traditional ways in order to be able to share music with their fans.

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube offer local musicians the ability to live stream their shows. There are a variety of sites including Songkick, Veeps and Stageit that also allow you to search for mainstream artists, venues, upcoming in-person shows and virtual live stream shows.

Even with new restrictions and cancellations of live music venues, all of these platforms allow artists to utilize virtual tip jars and ticket sales to continue making money through entertainment. 

Though live streaming is a great option, opening a laptop is very different than walking into an echoing music hall. A step closer to a live music experience is going to an outdoor drive-in concert. These theaters are supporting musicians who would typically be on tour by showcasing concert series.

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While these drive-in experiences are gaining publicity in the U.S., other countries are coming up with their own ways for an audience to be involved. They have introduced Vertical Concerts.

This concept is simple and extremely satisfying for those seeking a live show. Audience members watch live shows from their hotel room balconies as artists perform outside in courtyards or on low rooftops.

While the UK is working to promote Vertical Concerts, the U.S. has yet to establish a foundation in this new trend. There are currently people in both entertainment and hospitality working towards transforming hotels into music venues. 

Whether you are in quarantine streaming from a laptop, going to a drive-in concert with a group of friends or booking a hotel room to watch a Vertical Concert, know that you are doing your part to keep live music alive.


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