Madison’s annual city-wide Halloween party, Freakfest, took place on Saturday, Oct. 26.

Despite it being cold and rainy, University of Wisconsin students and other Madison residents showed up and showed out at Freakfest this year. The weather barely stopped anyone from wearing their best costumes to celebrate the holiday.

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Some of the top hits included Rick Dalton + Cliff Booth stunt double dress-up from Tarantino’s newest movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” as well as Tyler, the Creator Igor wigs and outfits. People of all ages came to watch the various performances throughout the night, but the biggest crowd gathered at Capitol Square to wait for the headliner of the event.

The headliner this year was Lil Yachty, but other performers included WebsterX, Gin Blossoms and Rob Hicks. On the Ian’s Pizza Stage on Gilman Street, No Love Dog performed first, followed by Heavy Looks, German Art Students, Buffalo Gospel and Gin Blossoms. At the Lüm Stage on Frances Street, Brightviolet opened for the audience.

After them, Landon Devon, Jayne Joyce, Yung Sum, TeawhYB and Rob Hicks entertained the thrilled crowd. Last, but not least, on the Mountain Dew Stage at Capitol Square, Alexander Kain was the first to perform. Following him, Djay Mando and Mic Kellogg also performed for the audience. 

Between acts, music blasted from the speakers as the audience stood around and talked. Everyone was packed so tightly together that people could barely move, but it kept the cold and rain at bay.

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As the time for Lil Yachty’s performance drew closer, the crowd began to push forward toward the stage. The cold and rain were ignored in favor of being closer to the main performer of the night. Finally, fashionably late, Lil Yachty emerged from backstage.

He performed some of his biggest collaborations, including Broccoli, in which he worked with DRAM, iSpy, in which he worked with Kodak Black, and Minnesota, which featured Quavo, Skippa the Flippa and Young Thug. Despite being cold and wet, the audience loved his performance, which ended at about 1:15 a.m. 

After his performance, Freakfest attendees slowly began the walk home, leaving Capitol Square empty until the big October day takes reign again next year.