One of the most quoted lines from the 2001 hit family film “Shrek” seems simple enough when applied solely to the original matter of the green ogre. Shrek is stressed, feels betrayed by the person he thought liked him and just wants to wallow in the one cesspool he knows he can call his own.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I at least find Shrek’s plight relatable at this point in the year. I’m writing this piece so my section has content in today. I still have another humor piece to quickly craft all while I am on a conference call and conducting a meeting with my associates. This doesn’t even begin to list the responsibilities I have for my classes as they pile on work before spring break or any personal obligations I’ve yet to meet.

In a word, I am “swamped.”

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I won’t use too many words to say it, but I know I’m not alone in a swamp. Perhaps even, the majority of students are in their swamp right now.

When faced with stress, mounting course loads and work obligations, we tend to shut down into ourselves and believe that we have it tougher than everyone else out there. No one seems to possibly understand how overworked you are when they ask for that one favor, an extra request, something else to put on your plate.

Turning to isolation, however, is not the best way forward. Since most of us are not alone in this swamp, getting out of our funks together will somehow ease the tensions in our own lives.

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It’s easy to assume those we see enjoying a beer at the Union, sitting outside laughing with friends or posing in a beautiful Instagram post are so outside of this stress that we cannot relate to them. In fact, many of these people are lying in the same swamp we are in.

So how will this help getting out of our funks? Simply look to our peers and ask to take a break to talk with them. There’s nothing quite like the catharsis of sharing your burdens with someone else, especially when both sides have many to share. Knowing we aren’t alone in this stress gives us additional will to continue on in our tasks and carry them to completion.

We all may be swamped right now, but we need to step out and clean off our mud together for a moment to keep ourselves afloat.