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Wisconsin’s divided government has profound impacts on policy outcomes

Despite moderate success, Democrats may face challenges amid political deadlock


Options for proof of residence on this Election Day, every Election Day to come

Comprehensive ways you can show your cute little poll worker where you live for real

State of Wisconsin

Advocacy organizations name voting resources for students on Election Day

Groups offer support for students trying to make it to polls on Election Day


Trusting election procedures: What to remember during midterm tallies

Reliable counting procedures, election regulations may delay results


With upcoming midterms, future tests must be considerate to new online instruction

With students, professors scrambling to adjust to new form of teaching, traditional standardized midterms must be changed to fit new situation

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: You’re not alone, most of us are swamped

Turning to your peers rather than turning inwards could combat the isolation of stress


Hitlist: Rock your way through midterm szn

Keep an upbeat attitude during this stressful period with these tracks


Trial run: 2018 midterm poses first real test of reinforced Wisconsin election security system

Following 2016 hacking attempts, Wisconsin officials and cybersecurity community aim to secure election technology prior to November elections

UW-Madison Campus

UW professors share perspectives ahead of crucial midterm election

Partisanship, informed voters identified as integral factors in 2018's election


Professor speak: A modern dictionary

Decipher hidden in-class messages with these helpful translations

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