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UW-Madison Campus

Stress, academic pressure rise around final exam season

Pressure surrounding exams can be combated with sleep, counseling

UW-Madison Campus

With pandemic’s increased risk of stress, loneliness, UW encourages employees to take time off for well-being

Postdoctoral scholar says shifting feeling of control and predictability can help individuals' manage pandemic-related stress


The New Normal: Students and experts share difficulties, lasting effects of restricted social life

As health guidelines continue to persist, students struggle to form strong, lasting relationships

Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday: You’re not alone, most of us are swamped

Turning to your peers rather than turning inwards could combat the isolation of stress


Traditional midterms are more beneficial than students realize

Despite negative stressors exams tend to bring, valuable resilience can be gained from traditional forms of testing


Your 10-step plan to a successful mental breakdown

With midterms, projects looming, follow this guide to get most out of mental breakdowns


Local yoga studio offers reduced rate for students during fall semester

Not to mention food, Bliss Flow Yoga & Wellness offers opportunity for Badgers to relieve pressures of student life


Cliches aren’t always bad, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself

Breathe, take breaks, manage your time — all these will go long way during finals


Easy steps to stay stress-free during midterms

You can't technically fail if you never tried


On campus, normalization of stress, sleep-deprivation, out-of-control schedules destroys our health

We need to change our rhetoric regarding what it means to be a successful student

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