Midterm stress is like a lot of things that you had no idea existed until you left home.

But what is the secret to avoiding midterm stress? Hard work, sweat, tears, being born into money and never having to worry about anything but school and fashion all your life.

How can you achieve this level of success stress free? Here are some study tips that everybody can follow.

Tip #1: Don’t study

Don’t Study (Courtesy of GIPHY)

How will you stress about something if you avoid any reminders it exist? All out lives, we are taught ignorance is bliss. The Titanic wouldn’t have sank if the guard had skipped his shift to drink (like a true navy man) and they hit the iceberg dead on. Don’t study, or the Titanic will sink — it’s science.

Tip #2: Don’t try

In case you forgot, this is what happens when you study, which only happens if you try (courtesy of GIPHY)

Trying is stupid, the only way to fail is trying. What would people think of you if you tried and failed? They’d probably think you’re dumb. If you succeed without trying you get to congratulate yourself on being smarter than everyone else. And if you fail, you weren’t trying. You weren’t trying so who cares.

Tip #3: Just give up

Nice work (Courtesy of GIPHY)

It’s okay you didn’t try.

Tip #4: Drink

Now your on the road to success (Courtesy of GIPHY)

Listen, you tried your very best and you failed. Call up someone, complain about how the professor hated you and drink because its finally over. And you deserve a drink.

Tip #5: Repeat

If you learn from your mistakes, you’re trying too hard.