Metal fans should gear up for a raging good time at High Noon Saloon Sunday as the Madison-based band Lords of the Trident play with Marty Friedman from Megadeth and Immortal Guardian to promote their fifth full-length album, Pull the Plug.

The local metal ensemble has had many line-up variations throughout their existence and currently consists of lead vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein, guitarist Asian Metal, guitarist Baron Taurean Helleshaar, bassist Pontifex Mortis and drummer Master Hercule “Herc” Schlagzeuger.

While definitely a metal group, the band does not confine themselves to a specific style.

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“As a group that’s been around since the dawn of time, we’ve heard a lot of different styles of music,” VonWrathenstein said. “I would say we are pretty centered around what many people would the ‘80s traditional style or perhaps power metal … when we’re touring around in the van we listen to just about everything for death metal to synth wave to Katy Perry to Kanye West. We’re not really stuck to a specific style.”

The group prides themselves on varying the structures and styles for each of their pieces.

A complex number from Pull the Plug is currently at the top of VonWrathenstein’s heart.

“Our favorite song to record and perform is definitely ‘Figaro,’” VonWrathenstein said. “It’s a big, long, epic, almost power balled kind of song. It was something that we had talked about for a long time. We did a multi-part choir, we did a full symphony orchestra on that. For me and the Baron, it was something near and dear to our hearts.”

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In addition to musical ventures, the band produces more content for their fans on the Patreon platform.

While in a live arena, Lords of the Trident incorporates pyrotechnics, weaponry and crowd chasing into its shows. VanWrathenstein finds these elements essential to the Lords of the Trident experience.

“We see a lot of bands who come out in jeans and t-shirts and don’t have a lot of energy,” VonWrathenstein said. “For me personally, I love a crowd that we hit unaware … when people just stand there paralyzed and don’t know what to do.”

Lords of the Trident open Sunday’s show at 7:30 pm at High Noon Saloon. Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door.