Kurt Vile is truly an icon in the professional music world. He does it all from producing to writing to actually performing, and his flowing brown locks and fun loving personality definitely give him a unique flair.

Vile has been on the rise as a solo act, performing at many venues across the country and is now set to stop in Madison.

With light strings and Vile’s vocals providing a foundation for the music, Kurt’s band, the Violators, are just as impressive. The Violators are comprised of Jesse Trbovich on the bass, guitar, and occasionally saxophone, Rob Laakso on guitar/bass and Kyle Spence on the drums.

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Vile dug deep to bring new beginnings for fans from inside the world he has created for himself through music. He just released his seventh solo studio album in October titled Bottle It In. This project features various woozy tones paired with heavy lyrics Vile wrote while on the road.

This new record features themes on changing scenery and all the new places he traveled while recording. The album also shines a light on the anxiety that arises with leaving the people or places one knows and loves.

Vile takes listeners on his own journey across the country since he recorded the album during his live shows. Bottle It In holds a lot of emotional value, and Vile sure has a lot to pay tribute to with his history surrounding music.

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At 38, this is definitely not Vile’s first rodeo when it comes to playing music on many different stages. Vile is a multi-instrumentalist and is known for shuffling through many guitars and even a banjo during his sets.

Vile introduces a low-key feeling with some darker tones and tends to keep the crowd’s attention with his natural talent. To carry him and his band through this world tour, he is using his endless passion and momentum to the fullest. Good company and positive vibes are sure to be flowing during the whole set.

Fans should be eager to see how his eclectic sound is going to translate onto The Sylvee stage. The Violators World Tour is set to stop in Madison next Thursday, Dec. 20 at The Sylvee. Tickets are still available online or at The Sylvee box office.