Over the last decade or so, Logic has put out at least one mixtape or album every year. Several of these have followed along with the notion Young Sinatra, named after Frank Sinatra — one of the Logic’s best known inspirations.

Last Friday, YSIV, also known as Young Sinatra 4, was released to the public. This debut had Rattpack fans like myself simultaneously giddy and relieved that the man who has recently made numerous claims of leaving his rap career for something else is still in the game.

The album features a versatile selection of artists, from new faces to old, including Lucy Rose, Wale, Hailee Steinfeld and Big Lenbo. The list goes on and on, so be sure to listen to the full album for surprises along the way.

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One of the most exciting features had to be in “Wu Tang Forever” where Logic was able to reunite The Wu Tang Clan for an extensive eight-minute track.

As well as the innumerable features on the tracklist, Logic serves a multitude of shout-outs to those who have motivated his work and ideas. One in particular was for Mac Miller.

“If it wasn’t for him killing that beat/I would have never got on that beat,” Logic said in reference to the late rapper.

YSIV also includes highlights of old school rap by sampling tracks like “Life’s a Bitch” (1994) and “Keep It Real” (1995). The incorporation of the 2017 titles “Hate Being A Rapper” by NO:EL and “Icon” by Jaden Smith keeps the recognition of talented young rappers at the helm of listeners minds.

Logic continues to show growth with every project he puts out, and demonstrates his deeper understanding of the history and culture behind rap. From the rhythms and rhymes, to the stories told, listeners will learn a lot from jamming to the album.

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If you have yet to listen to YSIV because Tha Carter V has consumed majority of your ear time, I highly recommend you press pause and take a chance on this all-encompassing project.

From the boom bap to the trap, Logic continues to make music for everyone, something myself and other rap fans really appreciate. Not only does Logic’s music inspire many — his story is one to be told and known, accomplished honestly and unapologetically through YSIV.

With his next album, Ultra 85, and more coming up, there’s only one question left on my mind — will Logic ever stop spreading peace, love and positivity? Probably not.