As humans, it’s inevitable our moods fluctuate. No one can live a perfect life with pure happiness. Life coincides with obstacles which we must accept and learn to overcome.

As difficult as your day may seem, it’s important to know that you are in control of your decisions, and most importantly, your life. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, helplessness, stress, etc., there are people who care about you and endless resources willing to help.

To honor the month of September as National Suicide Prevention Month, it’s important to remind people to not only give aid to others but to care for yourself by making an appointment at the proper help center if you are in need of advice and support.

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The University of Wisconsin offers plenty of resources from which you can choose. University Health Services provides cost-free mental health counseling right on campus. UHS offers a wide range of forms of counseling, such as individual therapy, couple and partner therapy, group counseling, campus-based programming, stress management and psychiatry services. According to the UHS website, the “mental health providers understand the complexities of student life and offer an open, safe and confidential environment to help students through issues…”

Mental Health Services at UHS is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and is located on the 7th floor at 333 East Campus Mall. UHS also has a 24-hour crisis line always open to students.

Although not a crisis network, BadgerSpill is another useful and confidential support system. BadgerSpill is run by students willing to give unbiased advice and empathy to those who need a space to vent anonymously about anything they’re going through. The peer network is easy to navigate, and you will receive multiple responses within two days. BadgerSpill is a way to connect with other students who have gone through similar situations to promote feelings of togetherness. Again, if your issue is more urgent, it is imperative that you contact UHS instead.

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The Red Folder Program is a resource offered to faculty and staff. The Red Folder Program is a presentation about UHS services, teaching staff how to recognize if a distressed student needs urgent help.

A UW, student-run organization, ASK.LISTEN.SAVE. promotes suicide prevention on campus. The organization seeks “to provide the student body with educational resources regarding facts about mental health and suicide as well as advertise resources available on campus to help those in need.” ASK.LISTEN.SAVE. collaborates with the Division of Student Life, as well as UHS to provide a supportive and reliable community on campus.

No matter what you’re experiencing, remember you’re not alone. The responsibilities that come along with being a student, friend or family friend are all-encompassing. It’s up to each and every one of us to break the shackles of distress and support ourselves and those around us.